We offer By-The-Room leases. This means that when you sign the lease, you will be signing as a group of up to four individuals, and each of you will be responsible for the total cost of the apartment. This is typically the type of lease you would sign for a house or apartment, but in this case, you are only signing for a bedroom. That means that if someone in another bedroom doesn’t pay their rent, you are not responsible for it. However, if someone in your bedroom does not pay their rent, you are responsible for making up the difference.
We offer 12-month leases beginning in either June or August.
Joint & Several means that each person signing the lease is equally responsible for the total amount of the rent. That is, if your rent is $3000 between 4 people, typically that might be split 4 ways to make it $750 per person. But if someone doesn’t pay their share, the other 3 are responsible for making up the difference to ensure that the total still makes $3000. This also allows for the residents to be flexible with their circumstances. For example, if one person wanted to pay less, they could work with the other residents on their lease to, say, take the smaller space in the room for a reduction in their portion of the rent.
We encourage everyone to take a tour of the Arroyo House to kick off their own leasing process. If you are interested in applying, you would do so by clicking the “Apply Now” link on the home page of http://arroyohousesb.com and finding the correct space. This provides us with the necessary information to send you a Letter of Intent. The Letter of Intent (LOI) is you indicating that you intend to sign a contract with us, and you’ll submit it along with your deposit of $1,000. If you do not have roommates yet, we’ll allow you access to the roommate portal where you’ll be able to browse other students who have submitted their LOI as well. We’ll ask you a few questions to get the ball rolling (like what room type are you interested in, what term, etc), but then you’ll be able to reach out to each other via email and find other compatible roommates. Once you have roommates that you want to live with, and you have a complete room filled (and we’ve received everyone’s LOI) we will generate and send a lease for your desired term and bedroom (if available). Each person who receives the lease must sign in sequence – that is Student B cannot sign until Student A signs. You must be sure to communicate with everyone, as the sooner you get the lease completed, the sooner the room is secured. After that, you’ll each submit your first and last month’s rent to finalize your lease. Then we’ll see you at move in!
Yes. We have named the rooms according to their expected maximum number of students. For example, the Butterfly Triple has an expected maximum of 3 people (since it is a Triple). However, if you wanted to add an additional person, you could do that for up to one (1) additional person, and you would add $150 to the total cost of the rent for the bedroom.
Nope! If you want to rent out a whole bedroom to yourself, you may do so by simply signing the lease by yourself and paying the monthly rent. Some students prefer to have their space, and would like to live in their own bedroom. Some bedrooms also have their own bathrooms, which may be preferable.
No, we only allow one gender per bedroom. However, the house as a whole is expected to be mixed gender, and we designate each floor as a particular gender. For example, the bottom floor of the house is expected to be one gender, while the middle floor is expected to be the opposite gender. The top floor is gendered based on demand for the other two floors.


Yes, the Montecito Quad, the Mission Quad, the Manning Triple, the Butterfly Triple, and the Beachside Quad all offer private entrances. Additionally, the Mission Quad and Montecito Quad both boast large deck areas immediately outside of the room.
Yes, we provide beds, mattresses, dressers, and some desks in each of the rooms.
We provide a large 80″ flat screen television, an XBOX, a couch, a kitchen table, 7 refrigerators, beach cruiser bikes, Wave Storm Surfboards, Ping Pong Table, Volleyball Court, and ample storage space on the top level of the house.


We are a student-focused house. We typically house Westmont Downtown or SBCC students, and many of our students are usually first years.
We realize this is especially common for first year students who may be coming from far distances. When you express your interest to us, we will offer you a Letter of Intent to sign (LOI). You will submit this along with a deposit, and once we have that, we’ll offer you access to our roommate matching portal. Using the roommate matching portal, you’ll be able to tell others about yourself and see who you might be compatible with!
This specifically means that we want everyone who lives at this property to respect that everyone in this house is choosing to NOT partake in using Alcohol, Drugs or Tobacco while living with us at this house. If anyone was found responsible for using alcohol, drugs, or any kind of tobacco, the ZERO tolerance is that this student would be removed from housing with us. If using alcohol/tobacco/drugs is important to you, please don’t choose to live in this community.
Depending on the severity of the policy violation, consequences may range from a formal warning to a 3-day notice to remedy the policy violation or move out. We have an onsite manager who reports policy violations to the Arroyo Management Team, and the house manager is also responsible for issuing formal warnings in person.
Yes! We have a student selected by our management team who acts as the liason between the Arroyo Management Team and the Arroyo residents. The house manager also helps students resolve minor conflicts and acts as the eyes and ears of the Arroyo Management Team. Our goal is to ensure effective communication with our residents.


The Arroyo House is 0.2 miles from SBCC, which is a 5-10 minute walk!
The Arroyo House is a 15 minute bike ride from the Westmont Downtown campus!
The Arroyo House is approximately a 15-20 minuted bike ride from Downtown Santa Barbara!
We do have limited parking spaces available for an added monthly fee. We have approximately 13 spaces available, but depending on which school you attend, you may not need a car. The most common mode of transportation is bike, and we are incredibly close to major campuses and even Downtown Santa Barbara!


Once your lease is signed, the management team will send an invite to pay your deposit and rent via their online web portal.
Payments will be made through the apartments.com web portal. An account will be created for you once your lease agreement is executed.